When greedy gets the best of us

The gaji has been credited and for a few days , I am rich. Four days later even before this month closes its chapter, after paying all the bills, banks’ installments etc,nothing would be left in my wallet.  The question as it always does, where can I find more money?

Some people, money simply kept falling from the sky.

Money turns people ugly. It makes people become greedy and lupa diri.

I have a story which I think, we can all learn from it.

My grand mother was disowned by her father when she decided to marry my grand father who hailed from a very poor family. My late grand father had a bad reputation for being a hot-tempered young man and this added to the dismay of my great grand father who did not keen to have him as a son in-law. It was a love story of two persons of different classes. Their marriage received no blessing from nenek’s father.

Cinta antara dua darjat at its worst!

My late nenek has had an adopted brother of whom has no blood relations to either her father or herself but he was named after our family’s inherited name. It was big a gap of age between the two siblings and my nenek was the one who had taken care of her adopted brother when they were little. He was dotted and well taken care by my late grand mother.

Fast forward a few decades later and the stubborn old man passed on and the divisions of harta revealed a shocking news. My late grand mother received nothing and everything goes to his adopted brother.Her father took his bitterness to the grave.

Under the law, this guy is a legitimate son of the dead man because he carries the family’s name and document to prove.

They both went for an arbitration to reach some sort of mutual understanding but dear oh dear, her adopted brother was not willing to part even an inch of the land that has been solely inherited to him even after being advised by the kampung’s elders and the imam.

In 1987-88 when the government decided to expand the capacity and the size of Langkawi airport, the disputed land got on its way and had to be sold. The amount was almost two millions ringgit and it all goes to this lucky man’s piggy.

Everyone in the kampung knows that he was adopted by my great grand father who has no blood relations and yet he has a pleasure of being named as one of our kind, so to speak.

Those days, the law in naming your adopted children was not very strict or stringent to the book. You may name them as you wish as if they were actually the product of your own seeds.

About the money; my nenek was a soft-spoken lady who had believed in faith. She asked for her rightful lot just once but when she was refused, she took it as her destiny. She fought no more. And she was given not a penny out of that two millions ringgit.

I have not visited this so-called ” grand father (by rank)” any more when mother told me the story. What I have heard is that, he is now bed-ridden and the wife had an affair with another man. His family lives in a dilapidated house and no one knows how had he spent all his money but it seemed, he lost them all.


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  1. The blessing was, the arwah could feed her 12 kids eventhough they were dirt poor when she received no help from her father throughout her marriage. The whole mess made her such a determined woman.Al-fatihah to nenek.

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