Pardon my French

I visited and read several articles from Malaysian bloggers and they were all great pieces. I feel small by looking at their well composed articles in such an impressive English. Mine? Not very desirable.

Next month, thanks to the mighty God I have been listed for free courses to learn French Language provided by the company. This is the very first time ever I felt myself being appreciated by my beloved employer. Alas.

I am yet to master English and now embarking onto the new journey to learn one of the most difficult language in the world. I hope, my company is really giving us this for free and there is no hidden agenda to kick us out if we fail or no promotion whatsoever if we do not excel.
I could loose my job if that the catch because my percentage to fail is quite great.

My brain is absolutely rusty and the tongue….my 36 year old tongue is hardened after years of neglect, years of eating belacan ( not true though, it is well used tool for certain activities) and I am not very sure how am I going to pronounce those French words.

Thinking of memorizing new vocabularies, to capture those strange words and understanding their meanings has given me a shivering thought. Can I do this?

I googled the internet and tried a few lessons online, the free ones of course and my goodness, they are so difficult to pronounce. How can people like Dato Mahathir Lokman could speak so eloquently in so many languages?

At college, I had to learn Mandarin as part of my curriculum. I failed miserably. The “pingying system” of pronunciations which to get the right nuances for certain words with different meaning for different sentences has left me with a total nightmare. My brain is simply does not equipped with proper chemicals to absorb all these difficult tasks at once. I just plain stupid. I gave up after few classes.

And now French…hmmm I shall try. I will let you guys updated with my progress.


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