As I see fit

Someone who is very close to me has suggested that I should use different name for my blog. His reasoning was, I might get myself into trouble for speaking too much on sensitive matters. I agree with him though.Thank you for your concern and really appreciate that.

I must admit that when I write pieces related to my daytime career and thing concerning my friends, I wrote them with a full conviction to express the actual feeling that boils in my heart. That is why, I do not stick my gun specifically in one particular subject. I may write according to  politic, religion and everyday’s tribulations of life; I want to share them all with my readers. It can be anything. It may enlighten us, it may scorn us  or even worse, you might hate my guts.

Big mouth? Allahualam.

However, I promised myself that I would write my pieces in this blog according to the actual feeling on what I have seen, from what I have observed and to share my own stories. I afraid if I were to choose a phantom’s name, I might get swayed and perhaps I would write something corny or even worst, I would be bluffing and telling lies. I do not wish to be a bluffer.

I would try my level best to convey the very essence of my thoughts but I am still not very good in putting them in convincing words and struggling to piece them together in a perfect English.

I am still at this level of in the “womb” in this world of literature.I am not even at the infancy stage,if I may put it that way. I have so much to learn and writing in English has enriched my vocabularies and improving my grammar. So, pardon me for this setback.

If professional writers stumbled upon the infamous writer’s block in their career on regular basis, what’s more for people like me.I read somewhere about the unwritten rules and ethic of blogging which reminding bloggers to keep updating their blogs or else they would lose their readers. I have yet to link my blog to any of affiliated blogosphere because, I think my writing still has a long way to reach that level.

Why am I explaining myself?

I had to.

First, I am full of imperfections. No doubt. My writings would indirectly smeared somebody or someone might feel the heat or I myself would land into trouble for putting the smelly shoe in my mouth. If I were to wait till the day that I fully gained a total perfection as an exemplary human being, I dread that day will never comes. Guess, I have to take the risk and go on writing.

It is quite humbling when people have actually read my postings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


3 thoughts on “As I see fit

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  1. 🙂 Tidak ramai yg beruntung kerana terlalu berani???
    it’s not abt berani Yang…it more of legal issues. Dont get into unnecessary problem(s) becoz of ur love for writing.
    Till then fly safe.

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