How are we going to advise friends when we, ourselves are no better than them? Or should we simply carry on pretending these are personal stuff which must be left alone for them to sort it by themselves?

We spent more time with friends than our own family. We shared secrets, shed tears on each other shoulders, cracking jokes and laughed our hearts out. How perfect we think our friendship with those people around us, we are sometimes besieged by the feeling of guilt when our dear friends are succumbing into the potential pitfalls. If the friendship just a mere hi-bye then, it is quite norm that we play hide and seek with our feeling.

I am seeing friends who spent their hard-earned cash on things so superficial and no economic value for the sake of artificial fame or simply hide the obvious by claiming that, those things are necessary spending. It is of course insensitive of me to advise them on their personal matters and even more difficult when they took no effort to ask our opinion. The pitiful thing is, I myself have not yet fully out from the wood in handling my own problem but the persisting behaviors of my dear friends is worrying. At least, I do not wish to see my friends to fall into the same problems like those who spent prodigally.

Amongst these people, they are those who struggling their time, money and energy in pursuing the unrelenting love. Love is of course the predominant feeling of contentment, feeling wanted and needed. It heals lonesome, it fills emptiness and it is also taking away some cash from your piggy. Especially wasteful when love strikes between two people of different places. The need to communicate either through phone or physical interactions require the love birds to spend money on lot of things for that love to blossom. Before the knew it, they have emptied their coffers and the salary day is still far fetch. Then the lending begins and other problems started to roll in…bank instalments defaulted,utilities bills left unpaid and all sort of problems when we are short of cash.

And those people who think money and status are more important than friendship are the biggest losers. Money and status may either stay forever or temporarily. Most than often, they are elusive. It is good to see those who are fallen from grace and learn from it. There is nothing permanent. If Tsar of Russia could be toppled from his mighty throne as easy as putting fire to the house of matches, what is there in Thaksin to regain power? So to speak!

I went through all these difficulties because of my own doing and I wish no one, especially my friends to go through the same predicaments. However, I am still reluctant to give my uninvited advise for a fear being accused of interfering into their personal affairs.

I am after all, still de-clustering my life, still trying to live within my mean and I do not think, I have the right to advise them. I need to clean my own house first but I hope my friends would somehow doing the same. House keeping is in progress. Please do not hang that “Do Not Disturb” sign otherwise, forever we are suffocated by our own misadventures. Please, advise me dear friends when you see fit. Thank you.


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