Snippet: Just eat your damn chicken

This is what has happened yesterday in business cabin;

The stewardess : Excuse me gentlemen, you have noticed that we have started our meal service from the forward section of the business cabin due to the fact that we have a VVIP seated at row 1. My apology that you had to endure a slight wait.

We both smiled and I gave them my gesture of apology too.

Me: We’re serving your lunch gentlemen. The third selection which was Fish bla bla, all have been served and I have only chicken curry served with steamed rice or fillet of lamb steak with mashed potatoes.

Pax 4 C: I’ll like to have the lamb please.

He was duly served by the stewardess.

Pax 4 A: I don’t take lamb. I do eat chicken but only breast part of it. I would prefer to have the fish but of course you do not have that anymore right?!

Me: Yes sir, unfortunately we do not have fish anymore and my apology sir.

Pax 4A: I will have to take the chicken dish right?! Are they all breast in the curry?

Me: No sir, I am afraid they are all assortment of parts sir.

Pax4A: You left me with no choice. Chicken then.

” Bon appetite gentlemen”

After we’ve served all the complimentary drinks and bread, we left these two gentlemen to savor their meals.

About five minutes later. My stewardess came to the galley and told me that the passenger 4A is not happy with his chicken curry because the dish has no breast part in it and he is asking for any breast chicken curry on-board.

I opened the oven, took out two crew meal dishes which were creamed dory with spaghetti, the other was steamed garoupa with a steamed rice and I also took out one more casserole of chicken curry from the passengers’ meal. Placed them on the gilded silver tray, removed the silver foils and I went to explain myself to this passenger.

( for those who are not familiar with the terminology; crew meals are usually prepared and catered in tiny casseroles or foils. The ones that being served to passengers in business class, the casseroles are slightly larger and portions are almost double from the standard crew meal)

Me: Dear sir, my apology that your chicken dish does not contain any breast part in it. Rest assured sir, the curry has all the meaty parts of the chicken. However, I have two more selections of meals which are being served in the economy class ( a little white lie there as cabin crew are not allowed and simply impolite to tell passengers that their alternative choices are taken from crew’s).

I shown him the choice of meals. Three of them.

Me: As you can see sir, the fresh chicken dish that I just took out from the oven, has the same mixture of parts. I could not be certain if there any breast part in it.

Then the pax 4A took a long stare at those dishes and he gestured to me that he wanted the creamed fish with spaghetti. I replaced his now smeared chicken dish with a fish.

Pax 4A: If you knew that you have limited choice of meals, why then bother to present us your menus?

Me: Sir, one the reasons why did we present you the menu is for you to have a better understanding of the dishes by reading the contents and how they are cooked.It is also offers wide selections of alcoholic beverages. We do, however stated our prior apology at the bottom of the menu in the even that your choice may no longer available.I am sorry En H, that the unfortunate even is now taking place.

Pax 4A: You said earlier that, your service’s routine had to change because you have a VIP today. I don’t mind the wait if your VIP is somewhat royalty or such. Why is he so important that he had to be served first?

Me: Sir, I wish I have had the opportunity to make everybody happy and serve all that I can. Unfortunately, that is how my service procedures dictate when we have a VVIP on-board of the aircraft.

You mentioned that you do not mind the wait if the VVIP is somewhat royalty. I’d like to inform you sir, he was a former government servant and he is indeed a royalty.

He seemed a little taken aback and his ego still high on the pedestal.

Pax 4A: Who is he?

Me: He is, His Highness or Yang Mulia Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithaudeen dear Sir.

“I hope, I am forgiven for having his royal title as a bona-fide reason for me to serve him first, after all he is a royalty.”

I waited for his respond and I received none.

” Enjoy your creamed fish sir”

I left him there.

I was so PUAS!!


3 thoughts on “Snippet: Just eat your damn chicken

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  1. All you can sir, because that’s all u can eat…bladehmadahfakka….I dunno sometimes passengers think we bring live chicken or wat on board…?? Passengers are so DUMB…and I am glad u handled the situation in a gentleman’s manner…ask him to flt other airlines see if dares to do such…

  2. Inside my hati aaa…I was this close to shower him with that curry. The face has no indication at all that he that kindda of you know….rich looking guy just got plain lucky I think, the ticket paid for by the company. Muka yg amat!

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