An Honest Living

Everyone has their own ups and downs with their profession. Some are lucky to get hold of their dream jobs and most are dictated by seemingly unseen hands called destiny or fate.

Even the most sought after jobs are plagued with many hurdles which eventually will drain all the energy and leaving passion to boredom. The kings, Emperors and Sultans are the silent sufferers and no mortals are truly blessed to be totally happy in what they are doing.

However, many of us are clever at faking our unhappiness by appearing jovial and contented. We have to earn an honest living regardless.

My on going trip here in Bangkok has opened my eyes to see thing beyond the usual sighting. I would be the world’s worst liar if I were to say that I never been to Pat Pong or red area here. It is an overrated statement of must do for any visitor to Thailand. So, I am obligated to do as what other tourists are expected to do. A self consolation to avoid being stamped as a sordid sexual pervert. Alas, I went.

I do not think those boys or girls are happy parading in front of strangers with their cannons hanging loose. They walked on the dimly lighted podium without a slightest hesitation. They did it with full vigor of professionalism and proud. They looked happy with big wide smiles.

To them, they are earning an honest living. We are not in their shoes to really understand what is brewing in their minds before they took out their clothes, get an erection and do thing on the stage for all to see. Their job requires them to do it with smile and of course the “receivers” are allowed to frown and making hurtful scream and to fake pain. At the end of shows, they have to put smiling faces for now aroused audiences in a hope that someone would pick them for some extra service. That is also an honest living if you may ask me.

How many times that we woke up in the morning, dreading ourselves to get ready for work?

We cursed the thing that we must do with our jobs. We even cursed the bosses for being nasty and obsessive power craze.

I could not helped but asking myself…how would I be if I were amongst these fully grown men, had to wake up late in the afternoon and looking at my willy and sighed ” hmmmm….we got to work again buddy”. Sex is of course the men best sport ever but when it has become a career, I think, it would be such a mundane and dreaded myself similar to those who had to attend board meeting every now and then.

Are we supposed to be happy with whatever job that we are doing?

I can only attest myself to what I do best. My career as a flight attendant has the same pros and cons as any career. It is indeed true to say the least that I used to be happy with my job.

After so many years of greeting passengers with all sort of greetings, my mouth would sometimes uttered greeting to a stranger when he enters the elevator. The receiver of my greeting was of course has thought that I am raised as a perfect gentleman.

The real point in connecting the dotted line between those strippers and my job is to link how best we have been mastering the art of portraying happiness while carrying out our duties.

It is still left lingering without fully answered. I am determined to explore this un-contentious feeling in what I am doing for living. I tried to find consolation in comparing to what those strippers have had to do with my own job’s requirements. Trying to find solace in my world of serving people at 39,000 feet and those walking naked on a meter high podium.I greeted passengers with a good morning wish and they did it with their forced erections.

I am trying to make peace with my career and you must pardon my ungrateful banter. I can choose any other work place to be used as my comparison but as the night progresses, those images vividly flooding my vision. I could not think any other and why not.



2 thoughts on “An Honest Living

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  1. Reading this post sends shivers to my spine…. I would normally comments as most things I would definitely have something to say. I read this a number of times more than your other posts.

    I’m glad u wrote this.
    P.s Still thinking.

  2. Actually I wanted to write something more vivid but dare not la…who knows what might happens to my father’s will if he got know abt my activities here…I might got disinheritanced.. huhu

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