Social Climber

Many of us may not realized that we might be categorized as a social climber by people who we eagerly wanted to hang out with. If you browse the search engines such as Wikipedia and google, the definitions are worst than what you have in mind.

In bahasa, I think it can be literally translated as “gila glamour”. However. The broad meaning of this term are still largely left idle for you to find out. Let venture into a snippet of it, shall we?

We might have three pairs of Gucci, several Louis Vuitton bags, a few shirts from Boss or DKNY or even garments from Prada, Versace, Ferragamo etc. I have seen friends who willingly starved themselves for the sake of one pair of Gucci’s shoes or Coach’s wallet. These expensive items then would be stowed nicely in the closet and would be taken out once in a whilst (maybe three times a year) when they have had some sort of special gathering, function or simple outing at mall with rich or not so rich friends.

What they failed to realize is that, each creations from luxury houses change their products every too often for us to even notice it. Our social climbers friends might hold their heads high in showing off their SELDOM used Hermes’ and it looked practically new. Then, parading themselves at mall or attending grand parties invited by their rich friends.

Read this:

Those creme de la cremes of the society or the upper-class and royalties are privileged bunch of people. They have their own circle of friends and being updated with the latest fashion must haves by an army of personal assistants.

And here you are being at this grand parties, rubbing shoulders with the elites and proudly walking in your year 2000’s prada shoes, the only Omega watch that you have and dressed in last year shirt and jacket. The shoes you are wearing might have cost you RM2500, gleaming still but to these people they can instantly recognize that yours are actually so YESTERDAY.

They might not say it out loud to your face but silently they looked at you with such a mockery.

And if you have a pleasure of having a tea at the same table with these privileged people, if you observe them properly; the accessories on their bodies could easily buy you a brand new Honda CRV. Please, keep your LV wallet in your pocket when you having a drink with them. Your wallet is mere plate of rice to them.So, save yourself from their stares, whispers and ginger laughs. It is not worth the effort.

Yeah…it is fun being surrounded by these rich people because of the grabbing attention they could attract and those who watch you from a distance might have thought that you are also belong to that category. Strangers may look at you and your friends with admiration and passing envious remarks but who are you fooling with? Yourself.

It is true that sometimes we developed a cordial and sincere friendship with someone who belongs up there above the cloud. Surely, many amongst these highly accomplished people are genuinely nice but we have to know and realize the fact on how to mingle with them without being looked at as a social climber. True, I have a few pairs of recognizable brand of shoes but to wear them at their grand parties is an absolute no. I would rather wear a pair of “no brand” shoe or made to tailored shirt with no logos on the lapel. Then at least it saves myself from the agony of telling them how much, where did I buy and when it was, did I purchase them. If I have had worn those aging branded items on me, it was purely for esthatic values and pure personal sentiment.

Well, I have gone through a period of short lived “mild” social climber at one stage of my life (when I was young and naive) and I glad that I did not linger too long to be stigmatized by this connotation. I realized that, it does not enrich you in any way you wanted it to be.

Buying an expensive item is of course allowed and if you have to starve yourself for a wristwatch that you really like, then why not but if you wanted to buy them for the sake of bragging it and to use it as a currency to be accepted into the society. You are only fooling yourself. These are your worthless ego boasters that you can live without.

Get rid of this antic and better use your hard-earned money for something that worth spending. If you are about to become a social climber, take my advice…get a saw and cut all those ladders that you wanted to climb.

Be there amongst the tops when you really have what it takes. Until then, just be happy lepaking (hanging out) with your best and unpretentious friends.

My two cents worth of advice.


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  1. there was someone who refuse to befriend me becoz I was selebet and not having brands but what irony it is…when we had meals…I paid for it…this person showed of the expensive brands he/she has…but when comes to footing the bill…ado??? Nan adooo yer kengkawan…off course I just smile if I see that person now…but will never invite that person to join me on my table.

    Oh MY GUCCI,katernyer…

  2. Ramai kawan kawan kita like that Andy…my posting has to do with them too, hopefully the realize the fact that their friends are actually annoyed by their showing off attitude. You got to earn respect by becoming successful in what you do and at the same time your piggy is growing proportionately. Kalau setakat gaji 3-4 ribu and still wanna show off your few guccis…tak yah la.

  3. terfikir kekadang how ppl can be so shallow…:) but agaib, we have different perpectives in life. cuma lebih kepada memalukan diri sendiri la…:)

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