Moarners at the table

Two of my friends are right now chatting over the yahoo messenger’s. One is here in Nilai and the other is over there in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Both are having fun, pouring their hearts out and laughing like mad cows in front their own computers.

How technology has transformed us from the standard making of phone calls and now chatting over the net in real-time is mind-boggling. I will not write my article based on something which I can pluck out from any wiki’s search or information taken from google. I want to share my own perception on this modern technologies such as mobile phone and internet.

Telephone was use to make phone calls and to connect human interactions. It’s function was well utilized by the masses but now, this technology also responsible for making people less able to communicate efficiently with each other. Look around us at the restaurant, most diners walked in with their companions. Surely they had agreed to come and enjoy the dinner as the casual invitation to dine with friends. When they were seated, placed their orders and then everyone took mobile out and starting either calling someone or their eyes fixed firmly onto the phone’s screen with busy fingers typing messages.

Maybe one or two would call the waiter asking whether or not the premise has wifi service, password granted and started surfing the net. What have we become?

We called each other..hey let go out and have dinner and catching up with the latest gossips but when everybody at the table, the casual chats subsided and replaced by an eerie silence. Everyone starts using the phone and that the only time we would engage with the old fashion of chatting when the food arrive. Still, our thumbs knew how to navigate the phone while the rest of our fingers are busy chucking the food into the mouth.

We have lost our communication skills, table manners and the art of fruitful companionship.

The young ones who are beginning to really lost their ability to communicate efficiently with each other.

Referring to my friends who are still engage online, it makes me wonder if they were at the same place right now, would they rather meet up and talk face to face or simply wanted to be online and carry on chatting?

We often used this ” Hey, when you are back to KL, please call and we go for drink hah!” and yet when everybody turns up, the above scenario happens. I did the same, no exclusion but I am longing to be with my friends and having hearty laughs.

For me to call upon everyone to lock their phones in the cars is tantamount of myself talking through my nose but, I really miss the good old fashion of loud and happy gathering.


3 thoughts on “Moarners at the table

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  1. I wud rather meet up and laugh …as u know..but this the best it gets at this point of time. I bet u remember..we start laughing even before our hellos and insulting and making fun of everyone*without malice* even before they stepped out of the car..;))…

    I miss u Ku..

  2. yes Ku i agree wit u n mak andy but that what technology all about…free and convinient…thx for the modern technology…

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