Sleepless in Puchong

Most of my postings were posted at the wee hours of the day. I have a serious case of sleeping disorder. This is a self diagnosed, thus no prescription required but a heavy dose of discipline to switch everything off at mid night. I have no other problem except some constrain with money and who does not right?

I found myself very creative at this time of the day. So far, I have done a bit work on my proposals. Thank you for this unwelcome insomnia.

Most nights, my eyes were heavy and physically I was ready to sleep and yet my brain still wanted to keep on working. Now,as my writing progresses I am actually half asleep and yet my creative juice is still flowing freely.

On the other window of my computer, I have articles on insomnia and related studies on sleeping disorders. Luckily I have not categorized in any of three types of insomnia, my problem is just a temporary, the wikipedia explains. That is another self diagnosed.

I usually would have trouble sleeping if I have to wake up early in the morning. My mind has this problem of telling my body to get ready sooner than it supposed to be as if, I fell asleep, I could forget thing that I have to do when the day breaks. I would lay there in bed, tossing myself left and right, coiled and facing up with eyes closed and yet my mind fails to switch it off.

For many nights now, I tried in vain to get my much-needed sleep. I drank warm milk, get myself a comfy pants and shirt, no reading before bed time, stayed away from my computer and I even took cough syrup to induce myself  to sleep. I failed miserably. Yesterday, the cough syrup gave me a real cough and I am now beginning to really having a cough and sore throat. It supposed to induce sleeping instead gives me an itchy throat.

I even tried the infamous remedy and you know what I mean…exhausting  myself with the “activity” and still fully awake. What a waste! Not a total sheer of waste, thou. 🙂

Today, in less than an hour I will have to get ready for my training school to renew my flying license and I have not study a bit. With a grace of mighty God, I hope I could pass the exam. Yesterday was so bad, I thought I was going to hit the wall with my eyes closed but I managed to go through the drills, fighting fire, shouting commands, escaping smoky room and luckily this year, there was no swimming and  sea’s survival.

My body is taking tolls with my sleeping problem. My tummy hurts and very uncomfortable. My eyes, of course showing a dark circle and slight appearance of bags underneath the lower lids. My judgment is also impaired. Earlier before I sat down to write this piece, I was actually wanted to go to the toilet but I went to lay down in the sofa. Sigh! When my tummy hurts then I realized of my intention to pass motion in the first place. This is not very good as I have to drive later and I have no luxury of having a driver or to simply waste my good money on taxi. The solution is, I have to boil water and make myself a cup of strong green tea.

I hope, I hope my instructor would let us go home early today and really need to address my problem as soon as I can. I need to see a doctor for a strong sleeping pill to bring back and rectify my biological clock.I am desperate to end this stupid sleepless nights in Puchong!


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  1. same here…really hard 2 sleep at night…3 or 4 or 5 am only able 2 sleep…like ur posting…like the way u put those words 2gether…;)

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