The Prodigal Son

Recently, I gave away my treasured Louis Vuitton bag to my younger sister. I bought it when she was only 14 and she is now a school teacher. It cost me almost four thousand ringgits in 1998 and I supposed the value has increased tremendously now. I had many times considered to have it auctioned on EBay or sell it at the second-hand shop but I have had special memory with that bag.So, I kept it.

The bag was very fashionable back then in 1998 and I was only 24. The thought of having this bag on my back was really cool and the design was also quite edgy. It befits the fashion trend of that time and my income was also ripe for a bit of extravagant. But now, if I were to carry that bag again on my back, it looks rather ridiculous because it is so not in-sync with my age, residing hair-line and the looks that just too old to carry that kind of bag.

The bag however never fades with the current trend, only the owner have grown older. After much of self consoling, accepting the fact that I needed to part with it, needed to make use of it rather than stowed, rotten, eaten by the moth. Decision made, it goes to my sister.

It was her who asked me how much was the bag has cost me right in front of my mother 11 years ago. After swallowing a big lump of saliva, I told them it was only RM300 ( approximately USD90) and I got a lengthy lecture for being such a prodigal son. It was a sheer waste of money my mother told me despite the fact she complimented the bag earlier. That RM300 could better be used to buy something worth than that smart-looking bag as she lamented further. Just imagine what would have happened if I told her the truth.

If she had fed us with a golden spoon, this story would never have surface in the first place. She worked hard alongside my father to raise their 7 children and for her, money must be earned and treated with respect.

Looking back at that incident, it reminded me the awful truth on how could we sometimes lost judgment to buy something on impulse. I did not plan to buy the bag. Not at all. It was an evening walk along Champs Elysses and a casual window shopping and where did we stop? Louis Vuitton and as the story goes, I bought the bag.

Last two weeks I told her, my sister the actual price of the bag and she gawked at me with surprise. She ‘s probably never heard the word Louis Vuitton but of course she would be happy to be the proud new owner. I also warned her not to tell my mother about it but I knew she would tell my two other sisters and some day, someone would spill the beans.

I am ready to face the consequences dear mak!

It was many occasions that I lied to my mother about the pricing of things that I have bough either for myself, for her or anyone for that matter. A little white lies saved many unrelenting nags.

It was triumphant moments when I could see that she had believed on what I have said but I think, am a bit sad now considering the fact that I have never actually make her proud. I never walked her along Piccadilly Street, I never took her for umrah, I never took both of my parents anywhere for as long as my working life as a flight attendant. I have never used their annual free tickets and my 14 years worth of free travels were wasted. It was always my priorities that came first and my family second.

This remorseful attitude is not sudden but a little payback from God because of my selfishness in wanting what i want. My income is not showing any sign of improving (thanks to my beloved employer).When your piggy is getting very hollow, then you would imagine the thing that you wanted to do for your parents if you had more money. This is exactly happening to me! Wanted to give them my best if I had more. The word IF that really sucks the whole of my holy intentions. Now I know, my RM4000 Louis Vuitton is another reminder how we children of our parents have neglected them..unconsciously.

And of course if the lady luck turns around and gives me that big wide smile, my material life could get better, lead an easy path toward my golden years but we humans are prone to be forgetful. I can only hope, I would fulfilling my pledge to do better this time. I wish I could walk my aging parents in Zurich and let them play with the falling snow. After a brief visit to the shops with those high French windows, I shall let my mother carry the Berkin instead of me walking in Gucci. I want them to enjoy a bit of Elizabeth Taylor if I may have the opportunity to do that in not a very distance future. Leopard does not simply losses it spots isn’t it? Luxury goes along with responsibility is acceptable but we must not fail to take a good care of our parents.

I cannot turn back the clock. I can however look for a better future spending my quality time with them and those who love me.


5 thoughts on “The Prodigal Son

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  1. We live…, we learn….. but never forget where we came from!!!
    There’s always things that we can do to make people lives better.
    It’s never too late just be creative.
    Well done KU!!!

    1. Thanks Reza….I am newbie, trying to live outside my usual box. Tima kasih for reading and comment. Pls let me know if any of my weaknesses in writing so I can improve myself.

  2. Do it soon. For the will come a time when it is not possible and u might live the rest of ur life beating urself.

    P.S dont forget the magnificient Sanyo Cooker, ok?

  3. That was beautifull ku..the story have touch my heart in so many ways and encourage me to do more for my parents..

    keep in coming..


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