Resign or terminated?

Either way, I shall leave the company one day. It is very likely I will get terminated. The most compelling reason that I will be terminated because of my inability to contain my anger and frustrations over thing that is happening in the company. I let it out in a manner I knew best, writing!

A friend of mine is now working part-time at the McDonald’s restaurant as a waiter. I am pretty sure the service at this outlet is going to leap by a hundred miles because they now have an award-winning flight attendant working for them.Thank you McDonald for hiring our friend.

Please do not ask me his name dear friends and colleagues because our revelations could cost him his permanent job at (censored). The idea of embarking on part-time job should be applauded and especially so when the employer fails to meet the expectations of its employees. But they will throw the S.O.P book at your face on what cans and cant’s do when you are still being employed.

As for me, I am on the quest to leave the company for good.Hear hear!!

If you are looking at this article properly, you could see that I am actually writing my own termination letter. Surely there are people who enjoy this reading and those who resent it. Before the day even ended, this piece could have been on somebody’s table there in the office. The whistle-blower policy introduced  by our former MD works like a drug to some and my blog has a potential to be used as a new currency to increase their PMS ratings. God only knows how scared we are to be terminated and why on Earth do I still continue writing something that may cause me harm?

Because I am desperately wanted to be heard. My colleagues mostly muted by the tyranny culture amongst lower management in our department.

I have wrote letters to the most important people in the company explaining vividly how dire we are with current home takings. They were all answered within days but there were no solid ground to believe that, we could see any shedding of light at the end the tunnel. All hopes crashed beyond recognition.

I have this uncanny thought that I would be reprimanded because of my writing. Perhaps,my personal file would receive a new interest to be revisited and surprise..surprise I might have done something so terrible which warrants me to be sacked. During proofreading of this article, I have looked at every angles of my writing and could not find anything slanderous remark in it. I am no lawyer to even recognize any “felony” connotations but the company has dozens of clever barristers ready on guard, ready to interpret my words. I am after all at their mercy.

Dear God help me!

A bunch of my friends would have heard too many too often of my intention to resign. They have always advised me to get the money ready before even think about it or the Malay’s proverb says ” sediakan payung sebelum hujan” and it managed to do the trick each time. I would be “kancheung” and retracted backward  and left that intention to resign somewhere in the closet. It is true that, to write a resignation letter is very easy but to live without a job and proper income would be nothing easy but harder. I have said to them that I wanted to resign since 6 or 7 years ago and yet, here I am still ready to serve. The “umbrella” is not ready but I keen to go through it even in the heaviest of rain if I must.

When the time finally came either voluntarily or by force, I will share my moment with all my fellow bloggers and my dear readers. I shall post my resignation letter here or if the turn of event is to be the unfortunate one, I too shall post my termination letter for all to read. I hope I would leave the company with a pat on the back from my immediate boss or else, I don’t really care.

You have read my posting this far and yet, what you have read were mostly rumbling on resignation thingy but what am I implying here?

Amongst other…..this is the most crucial:

A low wages and keeps on declining to the unacceptable level.

It is…

.. at this far when now I feel a little scared. When it gets technical, it will involve numbers. When numbers involved, I need facts. Facts require revelation of truth and truth is nonnegotiable “crime” of exposing the culprit.  Then, surely I will get my parting with the company.

I have mentioned about  a friend who works part-time at the McDonald earlier and I think that is strong indication for any sound mind to know that flight attendants of (Censored) are really suffering from a very low wages. Proton’s assembly workers are being paid a basic salary of RM600 and Proton is also government’s entity…sadly that how the truth is. Recently when the news broke, many people have written and shocked at the revelations of this inhumane salary schemes. Everyone even the Prime Minister promises to look into it.

What they (they:- common people at large) still do not know is that, the kebaya clad stewardesses and nicely pressed uniform stewards are also being underpaid.I just cannot imagine how outrage our fellow Malaysians would be if they got to know the whole truth about salary schemes at this great company for their iconic pramugara and pramugari.


3 thoughts on “Resign or terminated?

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  1. U see sweetheart, life is as such. I was one of those who stand up..and I got myself out the door. It is not easy. I survived. U will too.

  2. That is the very reason why most of us left..but where ever we work MH is still in our heart..the great working enviroment,team work and the superb crew who is really there to work and earn an honest living..
    that is what i miss the most..

    Dont worry ku..if u make it over there..u’ll make it anywhere..i belive MH is the best trainning school..

    wish u well..


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